Justin Enzenbacher

My Specialties

Video Editing Photography/ VideographyGraphic Design

Social Media Management

When it comes to social media, my goal is to make your presence known. Creating higher reach, impressions as well as reactions are my forte. I create the images and video then write an eye catching CTA to finish it off!

Work With Me

I am a professional marketer with a proven track record. I average 40% growth in online customer engagement within the first year.

YouTube Channel Management

YouTube is my favorite platform for marketing. It’s where an editor really gets to flex. The content I’ve created has reached millions of people across the globe. When an creator is passionate about something, they become a master at what they do. And I’m the best!

Market Research

My market analysis does not consist of traditional methods. I look at business like a private investigator; at how your competitors are marketing and the way their posts are set up. I find the holes in the methods they are using and complete my initial analysis. I will run ads that prospective customers aren’t already seeing and make content that will put you in the spot light. I customize the content for the demographic.

Whether your company is just starting, or a multi-million dollar giant… My strategies do NOT go unnoticed.

Growth Driven Marketing

My work builds growth by providing companies with more traffic. I do this by targeting, retargeting, applying geo-fences and using high quality materials for customer viewing. The secret to turning a guest into a customer is the way you presented yourself. Having me on your team will increase your numbers with out-of-the-box thinking and creative marketing material.

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About Me

I am an entrepreneur at heart, but really enjoy helping others succeed. I started marketing with a couple of local businesses and got the marketing bug.

From the time I first started out in marketing I’ve been providing up to 40% growth a month for my clients. Early on in my career I joined a local start up company and not only got them off the ground, but promoted such rapid growth they had to immediately recruit more staff.

When I reached the start of my freelancing career, I learned to put together geo-fences for large events where only local viewers see your ads. I’ve created high quality photos, video content, and podcasts.

When I’m not in my office I am an father, a car enthusiast, and a dog lover. If you get me started of these things, you will make a new best friend.


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Loves Park, IL 61111

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